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Maximum Security Online Messaging

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hushComs chatting or messaging -
completely secure, totally private.
  • hushComs is an online messaging system which protects data against eavesdroppers and hackers by encrypting data twice and storing it on certified secure web servers.
  • 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption protects data in transmission between browser and server, AES encryption protects it under storage, and the hushComs software and servers are frequently tested and certified secure by the same technology which protects credit cards online. Learn more »
  • With hushComs you can be confident that your information
    is securely hidden away from hackers and other prying eyes.
  • So, when email, online chats and social media are just too public and insecure, use hushComs!
  • hushComs is free for personal use.
    Branded enterprise editions for business are available to order.
  • Build your own hushComs network! When you send a secure
    message to someone, a hushComs account is made for them,
    they get an invitation email, and they can log in to reply to you.
  • hushComs supports text and ZIP file attachments up to 350 kB.

hushComs uses email addresses as login usernames. Inside, you can set your own Alias name to display instead of your email address.

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What do we get out of providing hushComs for free? - producers and owners of hushComs - is building a reputation for security, trust and integrity.
We have demonstrated over time, and will continue to do so, that our systems are indeed secure, that they can be trusted, and that our integrity regarding our users' data is sublime.
It is quite simply good for our business to give you this service for free. So enjoy! Feel free, and most of all, feel safe and secure!
You can get support and answers to questions by sending a hushComs message to acdit Support.
Read why hushComs should be your choice for sending sensitive information ...
Email is not secure - it is a bit like sending postcards by regular mail. Emails can be read or intercepted many times between the sender and receiver as they are relayed through several email servers enroute. And if those servers are archiving or backing up data passing through them, it is like allowing each person handling your postcard to make a photocopy of it. Emails can be altered by malicious software or people before arrival. Email addresses can be "spoofed", meaning that the sender's address cannot be trusted.
This is an excellent article about email security vulnerabilties: What hackers know that you don't.
Recipients Manager

  Add     Remove  

Recipient names can be email addresses or hushComs aliases.
To make a new recipient, enter the recipient's email address or hushComs alias and click Add. The entry is added to the
"Add/Remove Recipients" list on your dialogs page.
Recipients Lists are automatically updated with new aliases
as users make or change them.
To remove a recipient, select first then click Remove.

 hushComs: Maximum Security Online Messaging

Start a Dialog
Receiving Dialogs
Recipients List
  • dialog, dialogue  - [dahy-uh-lawg, -log] noun.
    - conversation between two or more persons; an exchange of ideas or opinions.
    In hushComs, a dialog is a message-thread, a chat-stream, an exchange of text messages with zipped attachments
    providing and securing an encrypted memorandum of the messages and timeline of information exchanges.
  • Dialog Owner
    A dialog owner is the one who starts a dialog by sending the first message.
    Only the dialog owner can manage the recipients of a dialog, close the dialog or delete it.
  • Recipients
    Recipients are participants in hushComs dialogs, invited by the dialog owner.
    Use the Recipients Manager to maintain your Recipients List.
     - Invite new recipients by adding their email addresses and sending them a hushComs message.
     - The recipent is alerted by email, can log-in to hushComs and can set a hushComs Alias before responding.
  • Aliases
    All hushComs users choose their own Alias names - email addresses are used for log-ins only.
    Use the Change Alias form on the Account page to set your Alias name.
  • Security
    hushComs dialogs are encrypted with SSL for browser-server-browser transport over https.
    Dialogs are AES encrypted and stored by certified secure web application software on hushComs's certified secure servers.
    hushComs software and server network are regularly tested and certified secure to PCIDSS standard by McAfee Secure.
  • Privacy and User Control
    hushComs does not make copies, hushComs does not view dialog content. See hushComs's Absolute Privacy Policy.
    hushComs users can permanently delete their own dialogs and permanently delete their own user accounts.
    Users can block hushComs aliases, email addresses and specific dialogs from their accounts.

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