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Secure Hosting Solutions
Web-server hosting for eCommerce websites developed by is provided at THB 10,000 per annum (ca. EUR 125 or USD 300) and are based on a flexible share of our high-performance Windows 2008 Server configuration on a Private Cloud Server which we lease from ServerIntellect.
    This package includes
  • GB RAM + 100GB SAN
  • 1000 GB bandwidth
  • 25 email address@ your-domain-name
  • Smarter Mail Professional 8.4 web-mail interface
  • McAfee Virus Scan
  • Regular McAffee Secure vulnerability scans
  • Microsoft Windows Advanced Firewall
Technical Support clients enjoy our proactive technical support in which we ensure that the website is always "up" and that the software is running well, new and multi-browser compatibility, resilient against DoS and hack attacks, immediate response to reports from McAffee and implementation of fixes (both software and server configuration) for new vulnerabilities. We respond to support requests by email within 24 hours, normally much faster.
Business Support
    We endevour to support our clients' businesses in several ways
  • SEO: Search-engine-optimization gives websites their best-possible web-presence
    without paying for advertising
  • SSL-secured domains provide the basis of https:// pages for interaction
    with online payment sites like PayPal
  • Consultation on development of eCommerce business models
  • Facebook marketing-support pages strives to be a valuable and proactive partner for all of our eCommerce software clients. We maintain a highly-efficient and technically vibrant environment in which our customers' needs come first.
    Our clients include
  • - hotel accommodation marketing and online booking
  • - hotel reservations system, booking engine, channel manager
  • - real-estate property marketing online

We lease our servers from ServerIntellect,
without doubt the best web hosting technology partners
we have ever worked with.
If you require Windows web hosting solutions
without acdIT services, we absolutely recommend
that you contact ServerIntellect directly.
We have full control over an array of dedicated and virtual servers
running Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.
Our participation in the McAfee Secure programme ensures
maximum security where PCI-certification is required, and we can
install any software we need to meet our clients' special needs
and build internet applications full of functionality.
Certified Secure
The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI-SSC) is the organization which dictates the levels of security required to protect credit card and personal account data on the internet.
At, we employ PCI-Approved Scanning Vendors to test our software and servers using a rigorous programme of hack-simulations designed to discover any vulnerabilities which may arise as new attack methods are devised by hackers.
PCI Compliance
Any vulnerabilities reported by the scans are quickly remedied such the we can maintain our PCI-compliant status and confidently deliver software for secure handling of important, sensitive data.
It's simple.  You run your business, we run the software., at your service!

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