Privacy Policy

All websites in the network use the standard, server-operating-system cookie to track you from page to page, making sense of your visit to the site. A cookie a little text file that your browser sends to the server each time you change page, so we know it's you, what's in your shopping cart, whether you're logged into your account or not, for example. The cookie is generated by the server when you first go there, and it dies when you close your browser.

We do not use cookies for any other purpose.

Some non-secure pages may have advertising from other websites which may use cookies in the same way we do. Some may place persistent cookies on your computer to track you from visit to visit in their efforts to channel more relevant content to you.

Any information entered into forms is stored securely on our PCI-compliant web servers and is used only by the users themselves or by for administration of users' accounts.

All email addresses are kept in the strictest confidence and never given to any third party.