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Credit Card Payment Systems Credit Card Data Collector
  • If your business is licenced for card-not-present processing, our Credit Card Data Collector module
    enables your website shoppers to securely enter their payment card information online.
    • Collect card data on your website, process payments in your office.
    • Typical Scenario ...
      • You sign-up for a Credit Card Data Collector (CCDC) account with
      • Your webmaster creates your own branded CheckOut buttons for your website.
      • When your shoppers click those buttons, your CCDC page opens in their browser.
      • Customers submit their card information and it is stored in your secure account.
      • CCDC sends you an automatic alert email telling you to login and collect the data.
      • You collect the data from your account and process the customer's order.
    • CCDC complies with Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council regulations - certified daily by McAfee Secure.
    • When you collect card data from our secure servers, the data is automatically deleted from our database.
    • provides webmasters with full support and instructions for using the CCDC system.
    • Test it now ...
      1. Go to the My Account / Login page and use the Test User login. (Test User does not get the email alert.)
      2. Choose "Test the CCDC module" from the Online Payment Systems Menu and go through the CCDC CheckOut pages.
      3. Refresh the My Account page to get the link to collect the data.

  • Webmasters ...
    Follow these instructions to link to the Credit Card Data Collector module:
    • URL: is the module's URI, and it is followed by a queryString containing the following arguments:
    • ?Merchant= the Merchant's CCDC Alias as set in the Merchant's My Account page.
    • &tID= any string which uniquely identifies the current purchase process.
    • &Amount= any string which specifies the amount being charged - currency independent.
    • &Currency= any string which uniquely identifies the currency of the amount being charged.
    • &returnURL= http:// ... the URL to return to from the final CCDC page. (Optional).
      All arguments except returnURL are required. Argument strings may contain any of the following characters:
      0123456789 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ - + _ . @ ( )
    • Example -
      Merchant's Alias: mCo.
      Transaction ID: 123xyz
      Amount: 99.50
      Currency: USD
    • Your Checkout button link code would then be:

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