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Credit Card Payment Systems Ltd. provides software and support for three types of credit card processing systems ...

  1. Bank-based Payment Gateway
    • The Merchant's bank provides an online credit card processing "payment gateway".
    • This includes a software application which must be built into the Merchant's website.
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  2. PayPal Business Account
    • The Merchant requires a PayPal Business Account.
    • PayPal provides the processing software, which must be built into the Merchant's website.
    • PayPal services include Buy-Now Buttons, PayPal Express Checkout (used by and PayPal Website Payments Pro.
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  3. Credit Card Data Collector
    • For businesses which already use "Swipe" machines or other physical forms of credit card processing.
    • Collect credit card data on your website, process it in your office.
    • Secure plug-in module hosted on's PCI-DSS Compliant servers.
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