Certified Secure Credit Card Data Collector

For test instructions, choose "Credit Card Data Collector" from the Online Payment Systems menu.
"acdit.com_DEMO" is a demonstration account only - no debit is made of any card entered here!
Testing tip: Fake card information works equally as well as real data!
Credit Card Data Collector

Please enter your information exactly as it is
on your credit card statement.

acdit.com_DEMO Transaction ID: 12345
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I hereby authorize acdit.com_DEMO
to debit my card for the amount of
EUR 55.99

Your credit card information will be collected by:
Test User, ( acdit.com_DEMO )
123, Some Street,
Some City, Some State,
1234567, Some Country,
Telephone: 1234567 .

Service provider: Ltd.
This Credit Card Data Collector module is certified by McAfee Secure and
complies with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).
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