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Mission Statement Ltd. makes software for online business.
It is the entrpreneurial spirit of online trading, its location-independence and global reach that we love so much. As developers of software for internet-based businesses we strive to equip our clients with excellent tools such that you too can enjoy the marvellous opportunities that the internet presents.
Our customers are Sole-Proprietorships, Family Businesses, SMEs and Corporations - and we want you all to succeed and grow with the help of our software, so that we can also thrive and grow. That's why, although our products are built from our tried and tested modules, everything we make is customizable and extensible to satisfy the intrinsic needs of different business models and philosophies.
We see our customers' customers as our customers too, since they too are using our services. In many ways, are all buying from and selling to each other across the virtual demarcations of our various business endevours. We all want our products and services to be easily accessible, but we also want territorial privacy and itegrity, naturally. Therein lie the many reasons for our close focus on security.
Security is our bottom line, where the quality and integrity of our business model stands or falls. We make software that we don't want anyone (read: hackers) to see; you fill databases that you don't want outsiders browsing through; we all make financial transactions that are nobody's business but our own. Security, privacy, integrity, and honour must be the pillars upon which our house is built.
It is Ltd.'s mission to support the online trading community - buyers and sellers alike - by producing and providing web software and services of high quality, delivered at prices which work for everyone and maintained with the highest integrity and the very best of intentions to the advantage of all our businesses, our staff and our families.
Alan Craig Dunn, Founder, Developer, and Executive Director, Ltd.
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Certified Secure
The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI-SSC) is the organization which dictates the levels of security required to protect credit card and personal account data on the internet.
At, we employ PCI-Approved Scanning Vendors to test our software and servers using a rigorous programme of hack-simulations designed to discover any vulnerabilities which may arise as new attack methods are devised by hackers.
PCI Compliance
Any vulnerabilities reported by the scans are quickly remedied such the we can maintain our PCI-compliant status and confidently deliver software for secure handling of important, sensitive data.
It's simple.  You run your business, we run the software., at your service!

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