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  - encrypted messaging
Use hushComs as
your secure alternative to email.
Use hushComs as
your secure customer contact system.
  - is a secure messaging and chat system which uses 128-bit SSL encryption for data transfers between browser and server and AES encryption for server-side storage.
  • Build your own hushComs network
    When you send a secure message to someone, the message itself is stored in the secure zone and a login/account is automatically made for the recipient who then gets an email invitation to log in and reply.
  • Secure Customer Support System
    See acdit Support - the Support Request page starts a hushComs dialog, makes a hushComs account for the customer and sends login instructions.
    Contact acdit Support to get a branded version of hushComs to use as your website customer-contact system.
  - is hacker-proof. The system is protected by the same technology which protects credit card data online, under guidance of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. hushComs maintains the highest possible integrity at all times.
Rejects SPAM (Unsolicited Commercial Email - UCE)
  Unless invited, correspondents must register first, confirm their accounts, then login to use the system. Only real people do this - people who need to contact you. The software categorically rejects all traffic from automated systems.
  - keeps email addresses and messages 100% secure, invisible to prying eyes and completely safe from hackers.
- is free for personal use. Branded enterprise editions for business can be produced to order - log in and send a message to acdit Support.

hushComs is the professionally secure alternative for communicating information
too sensitive for regular email.

Security -
Messages are encrypted during transit, encrypted again and stored on certified secure servers, and can only be accessed with secure Username and Password logins.

Overview -
Dialog threads contain every communication module, dated and identified, providing a complete overview of the entire exchange.

hushComs is hosted on's certified secure servers.
It's simple.  You run your business, we run the software., at your service!

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